Sleep In Crisis

For over 50 years Andover and District Mencap have been enabling choice and independence for individuals with learning disabilities. The sleep ins undertaken by our Support Workers are a vital part of how we ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community are supported to maintain their independence.

The changes government have introduced to how sleep ins are paid has presented the care sector with a staggering £400 million bill for back pay which threatens the survival of learning disability charities like ours. We want to ensure that ADM can continue to provide crucial services for adults and children in our local area.

The potential impact of these decisions on ADM is likely to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds which would jeopardise our ability to provide care and support to those vulnerable people that need us.

ADM, together with other care providers, are calling for government to accept their responsibility in creating this crisis and are urging them to fund the back pay bill. We are backing Royal Mencap’s #StopSleepInCrisis campaign to call for the government to fix the problem they have created.

Our Chair, Ann Woods, wrote: The board fully supports this position and we are actively sharing the petition and supporting Royal Mencap’s #StopSleepInCrisis campaign. This is a situation only the government can resolve, otherwise there will be serious consequences to social care throughout the country. I have signed this petition and would actively encourage you to support this petition and do the same.

You can help make a difference by signing Royal Mencap’s petition to protect vital support for thousands of disabled people Sign the petition now.

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