New Edinburugh Woollen Mill Spring fashion show models diversity

Charlotte has been developing her performance skill with Brilliant Drama Group.

She was talent spotted by Andover store manager Samanta Severa.

"Her family are loyal customers. Charlotte and her mother were trying to decide which outfits to buy. Charlotte started posing with each outfit.

I was discussing this seasons show with ADM Ambassador Iris Andersen. We both went wow, she would be a great model, shall we ask if she'd like to be in the show. Once Charlotte said yes, Iris offered to model as well." said Samanta

Samanta has a stable of models she works with each season. Each model chooses the out fils they are wearing down the catwalk. This season Charlotte worked with Pam Harpham and Sarah Redhead. Iris Andersen also modelled this spring seasons colours

The event was well attended with standing room only. This spring season Charlotte modelled very colourful clothes based on. turquoise, dusty desert browns, jaunty reds and bright blues.

New Edinburgh Woollen Mill offers a discount at each fashion show so they can raise money for charity.

Andover and District Ambassador Iris Andersen felt this is a very positive environment

"This is a fantastic event. Community, charity and business come together and everyone benefits."

"I appauld Samanta choice of models. Charlotte is just at the start of a journey. Models with Downs Syndrome like Katie Grant and Madelene Stuart are blassing a trail. Everyone has to be given a break. I have worked in fashion shows here and in NZ. This show was fanstastic because Samanta worked hard to make it truly inclusive. Thanks to Iris, Pam, Sarah and Charlotte, the audience got to see what clothes would suit our body shapes. I can't wait for the summer show," said Cat Randle Brilliant Drama Group director.

Manager Samanta wants to thank her models Pam Harpham and Sarah Redhead, her staff Supervisor Ilva Dauti, Sales Assistant Julie Lindsale, Sales Carol Mowbray and all the people who attended.

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