Andover and District Mencap support Autism Sunday

Andover and District Mencap calling Andovers faith community to join in a day of prayer for people on the Autistic spectrum on Autism Sunday 11th of February.

Autism affects 1 in 100 people. Over 700,000 people in the UK are autistic, which means that 2.8m people have a relative on the autism spectrum.

"Andover and District Mencap are committed to enabling everyone to have choice and independence in their life. We are fully aware of the constant challenges that individuals and their families face when living with Autism. We are pleased to highlight Autism Sunday and for everyone to have the chance to speak out on the challenges and the barriers that people with Autism face. It is also a chance to give strength to those individuals and their support circles," says Andover and District Mencap CEO Chris Dixon.

Autism Sunday was first held in 2002 during Autism Awareness Year in the United Kingdom. It was started by parents and carers Ivan Corea and Charika Corea, founders of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK.

In 2002 they urged leaders of religious organisations, churches, community groups and community leaders speak up for people on the autistic spectrum.

Reverend Canon Jill Bental who is also president of Andover and District Mencap says “We are made in God’s image. God is unique and so each of us is unique. The call for disciples is to remember that we are all loved by God, precious in his sight and to show that, by the way, we live and care for one another.”

Andover and District Mencap acknowledge people on the autistic spectrum will have more choice and independence when our community understand and treat people on the autistic spectrum with respect.

"Andover and District Mencap have experience with and a high level of trained staff to help people on the autistic spectrum whether young or old. The duty of care of Andover and District Mencap leaves me absolutely speechless because of the care and kindness they give. After six years it is good to have everyone in our community joining together in a day of prayer." says Andover and Districts Ambassador Iris Andersen

Autism Sunday is now celebrated across the world in many countries. Churches of all denominations around the world now honour the millions of people on the autistic spectrum.

How you and your church can help

1) On Autism Sunday, have a time of prayer for people who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

2) Tell Andover and District Mencap how you helped

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