Zumba is a Latin inspired dance fitness, Fiona delivers Zumba Gold every Wednesday at the Wellington Centre. Zumba Gold has all the fun of Zumba but it is modified with adaptations made to make it appropriate for those participating.

Zumba Gold is not only beneficial for health and well being, Fiona also focuses on participation and engagement, encouraging active movement, leadership skills, confidence and most of all having fun.

Fiona follows the aerobic curve principle, this includes a warm-up, main dance section and finishing with stretches appropriate for those participating, she encourages individuals to identify a stretch and its benefits.

Zumba Gold also covers chair base work, so making the class appropriate for those who need to use a chair.

Throughout these classes, Fiona has witnessed the huge benefits not only physically but also the confidence of individuals, from them encourage and supporting new members to also teaching alongside herself at the front, showing great leadership skills.  

  • Date9th January 2019
  • Price£3
  • Duration1.5 hours
  • LocationThe Wellington Centre, London Road, SP10 2EG

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