Our Ambassadors

The Rev. Jill Bentall – Honorary President

I was honoured indeed to be asked to become president of Andover and District Mencap in 1975. At a similar time I was also invited by the newly appointed Head Teacher of Icknield School to apply for the position of physiotherapist. This role allowed me to support people with a learning disability in a practical way and ensure almost daily contact with Andover and District Mencap. I held the post for 10 years and made many friendships which have continued over the years. Nothing gives me more delight than past ‘patients’ continuing to greet me and keep me up to date with their achievements. In 1994 when I became a Church of England Priest I formed ‘Churchfriends’ a group for adults with a learning disability who have a church connection. This ensured that there was a holistic approach to the support received by people with a learning disability. I am able to pursue my lifelong hobbies of gardening and history and where possible using these passions to support the members of Andover and District Mencap.

Elizabeth Hall MBE – Ambassador and Honorary Vice President

My original connection to Mencap was 55 years ago when I set up both Oxford Mencap and Buckingham Mencap whilst my first son Jonathan was growing up. Jonathan was born with Down’s syndrome and a severe heart condition. He unfortunately passed away aged 23 years old. As a professional I am a Psychiatric Social Worker, and worked in the Child Guidance Service for Hampshire (part time) for 25 years! In 1964 I founded Andover Mencap, and chaired this developing organisation run entirely by volunteers and parents for 16 years and continue as vice chair to this day. I continue to fight for better services for people with learning disabilities and ensure I am in a position to make a difference in my roles as: Governor on The Hampshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, a Special Educational Needs forum for 5 schools, a board member of the local Sure Start program. I am also a Trustee of Hampshire Carers Together and the Local Implementation Group representative on the Hampshire Partnership Board for Learning Disabilities. Throughout the years I have worked hard to create choice and independence for people with learning disabilities and in 1997 I was awarded the MBE for my commitment and dedication.

Iris Anderson – Ambassador

My original connection to Andover and District Mencap was 22 years ago with a member of my family who had learning difficulties and also developed epilepsy. I needed support from people that understood the family member and their needs, whilst delivering support to improve  self esteem and confidence, whilst not being made to feel different to anybody else. 

I developed great knowledge of all the different support that is available through Andover and District Mencap. This made me more interested in Andover and District Mencap and wanting to support the work they do to enable choice and independence for people with learning disabilities.

I had the greatest experience in meeting Liz Hall and Marion Grundy who have helped me and so many people over the years.  

My family still access the support from Andover and District Mencap as my grandson, who has autism, is able to access the after-school club. 

Over the years i have been involved in supporting people. This has included 25 of the greatest years working in Andover Hospital, I have been involved in many charities, 11 Years on the Carnival Committee, Chair of Friends of Andover Hospital, and a Test Valley Borough Councillor since 2011.  I was honoured to be Mayor of Test Valley in. 2015/16.  I was also very proud of promoting the borough for North and South, meeting different people. 

I am proud to be an Ambassador fro Andover and District Mencap and will support the charity in any way possible.